Course Syllabus

Jenks Public School Nurses are missing our students!  We love being with you and offering you the chance to learn about all things  HEALTH!!

We know that many of you are interested in learning about the human body.  We encourage you to ask questions like:

          "why" the body works in certain ways;

        "how" the body is responding to our daily habits and activities;

           "when"  the body will respond to  each challenge and

           "what" we can do to positively affect our health. 

We invite you to use the Health Education link on your site home page to explore these questions.  During this time of Distance Learning, we will offer optional, weekly Health Education Lessons.  We hope these will inspire you to set goals for living a Healthy life. Please reach out to us and share your Healthy Goals!

If you wish to reach out to any of the nurses, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!  school nurse-1.jpg                   Southeast Elementary                 West Elementary D               West Elementary F                       Northwest Elementary       East Elementary                        East Elementary                       West Intermediate                            East Intermediate            Middle School                      High School                 High School





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